Zbrush Realistic 3D sculpting

Service Description

Hello, in this service i will provide realistic 3d sculpt of any object, structure, human character, monster, creature, insect, dragon, Alien, statue or anything.
Published price is for 3d sculpting if you need Retopology then check extras before sending an order. To begin sculpting i will require some reference images or 2D sketch.
If you want 3d model game ready with all high resolution sculpt details embedded on it using displacement map then check extras.

I will be using Zbrush for 3d sculpt. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions relating to my service or if you have any specific requirement.


Briefing Details

1. Send me the character 2D sketch or some reference images.
2. I will proceed with sculpting
3. Work updates
4. If any changes required then i will be working on it.
5. Finally i will deliver sculpted model.

Note- price can increase or decrease according to the Level of detail (LOD). Before sending an order i suggest you to send me message.
Listed price is for one model.