Realistic Exterior Visualization

Service Description

Welcome to our Realistic Exterior service.

This service will help you in the process of decision making and further on in the construction materials in your project. It will help you visualize your draft drawings and give you a better insight on your project.

The service will provide you with ONE high detail rendering of your project in high resolution and in details surrounding your project.

You will receive:
- 3 Revisions - 1 Revision on the modeling; 1 Revision on the texturing; 1 Revision on the setup, scene and lighting.
- 1 High Detailed rendering in 3000px resolution
- Postproduction on the rendering will be done for free to better enhance the effect of the property
- Images will be given out in TIF;PNG;JPG format
- All other assets such as models and the scene will not be given to the customer (only images)

The better the brief you sent us the better we will understand your project so please follow the guidelines bellow before ordering a job.


Briefing Details

1. Supply us with a CAD drawing that includes front,back,left and right side of the project, elevation of the project and its facade.
2. Supply us with detailed images on what types of materials are going to be used in the construction so we can better set up the textures.
3. If we need anything else we will contact you via the messaging system on Envato