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3D Infoarchitecture Visualization Virtual Reality Oculus, HTC, Samsung Gear VR

Service Description

Impress your clients.

With this service you can move freely inside and teach a unique and perfect visualization in real-time and to their clients for their future construction or renovation of your house, shop, apartment, loft, restaurant, etc, whatever you need.

You can see a live demo here and download to try by yourself (download link in description or see below):

You can download to try by yourself here:

This service provide one stay like living room, main shop, main stay for a restaurant, etc, for more areas you need to choose some Extras or we can propose a custom service.

Take note that Samsung Gear VR will be downgraded the quality.

Keep in mind that more areas can increase the delivery time.


Briefing Details

· Plans or sketches (Most important thing).
· Measures (be specific, very important).
· Materials used (Wood Floor, walls, whatever you want to show).
- Images are better to take a reference.