Render your product in 3D, 360 interactive and Virtual Reality

Service Description

This is a professional and innovative vision for your products.

Provide me your model and I will send you 2 HQ Photo realistic images of your product.

If you want a better solution to show your product, you can hire a 360 real time showroom for your product and you can make it interactive to change parts of your product and colors.

Get advantage with an exclusive premium service to level up your product presentations.

You will be able to move around of your product and make it turntable. (PC, Oculus, HTC, Gear VR)

Config the different views to see your product from a top view for an incredible general vision.

If you don't have the model in 3D don't worry, I can design and model it too.

Please contact me before you order a Product Modeling!

The Product Modeling is not included so you will have to hire it separately, for this reason the complexity of different 3D objects varies greatly. So, I like to agree on any particular job about time, size, prize etc.

To save time advancing that characters, vehicles and clothing are not included in the Product Modeling service but if you have the 3D model of your product you can send anything.


Briefing Details

To render or make a 360 for your product I will need:
- Your 3D product (.fbx)
- Textures (if proceed)

To make a 360 interactive I will need:
- Your 3D product (.fbx)
- Textures (if proceed)
- Actions desired for the interactive interface (Change estructure, colors, etc...)