Interior Architecture design

Service Description

This service will help you in the process of decision making and further on in the construction materials in your project. It will help you visualize your draft drawings and give you a better insight into your project.

My working process:

Phase 1: I make a mood board to your interior
Phase 2: You can select the directions from this board
Phase 3: I make the first quick renderings
Phase 4: You have two revisions to change something
Phase 5: I make the final renderings in high-quality

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If you want to see more examples, you can find on my Behance page:

Briefing Details

1. To start with we require your CAD drawing or any type of floor plan you can provide. CAD or PDF is preferable.
2. Later on in the project we require your insight on the materials and camera angles used to render your project.
3. Images from the area will be incorporated in the windows if you supply them.

Descriptions of the home.
Real size - technical drawing - sketch with the sizes
Photography (optional)
Details about the materials what you like (if any: e.g: wood/ cement/ paper/ studio,…)
Other requirements.

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