Low Poly 3D Illustrations

Service Description

We can create awesome low poly 3D illustrations for your website, app or print materials. Low poly look is modern, simple, fun, easy on the eyes and affordable. We can turn your creative brief into amazing 3D illustration. Upon completion, you'll receive industry standard graphic files (JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc.) in any color model you want - CMYK (for print), RGB (for web) and in any resolution or dpi you want. We do not offer delivery of source files as part of the service's price.

If you're tired of all those common illustrations found all over the web, hire us and let's create something unique and amazing together.

Please contact us before ordering to discuss your project and to avoid unnecessary delays.

Important Note:
We use Cinema 4D in our daily workflow. If you require delivery of the source files at the end, this cost additionally. We also use third party plugins and in order for you to edit the source file on your own, you must have those plugins purchased and installed on your system. To achieve better quality we use Redshift Render Engine. Please know that Redshift is a commercial third party plugin.

Briefing Details

Please provide detailed creative brief with sample inspiration imagery, so we can identify the style and look your after.

Important note:
Please make sure your creative brief is written in a clear and precise manner, using good English language. As this service often requires using specific terminology in the communication between client and service provider, having good English language skills is essential. If you are not able to communicate your ideas and feedback in understandable way, this may result in cancellation of the order.