3D Floor Plan Modelling & Rendering

Service Description

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- Model light texture and render 3D Interiors for architects, realtors and Advertising agencies. 
- Fast turnaround with as high quality as you will get elsewhere. 
- Apart from delivering stills we can also provide animated walk-troughs.
- Offer your customers a realistic impression of their new project, helping in decision making.
- Simple workflow allowing for less mistakes during the creation of your model.
- Lower production costs
- Post production is done on all of the selected final images.
- Rendering Resolutions up to 4000px.

Once the work is completed, we will deliver you with a photo-realistic Rendering in any requested image format (png, jpg, pdf, tiff, ...).

We could send you the source model once finished, if requested. I might have to apply an extra charge for this, depending on the work to be done. Let me know if needed.

About Meetai:
Meetai offers a deeper and clearer look into architecture and construction processes. Simply by providing us with the layout, we can have a Photo-realistic Render ready for you.

Bring your Architectural renderings and models to life through our quality services!

We can also do modelling and rendering, ranging from simple to fully advanced models and architectural spaces.

Combined with the greatest tool-kits and backed up by an advanced hardware, Meetai can give that touch of reality to your creations.

More Services: https://studio.envato.com/users/meetai

Thank you for reviewing our portfolio, we are excited to work with you on your next project!

--Meetai Team

Briefing Details

Send us your labeled Image, Blueprint, PDF or DWG and we'll do the rest!