3D Printing - Modelling

Service Description

- Get your models printed with an incredible level of realism.
- Our simple allows for less mistakes during the creation of your model.
- Lower your production costs! Being part of the 3D printing revolution doesn't have to be expensive!
- Enjoy our 3D printing experience.

We will provide with renders as we work, in order to approach the level of quality that you need. Once the work is completed, we will deliver a photo-realistic Rendering of your model in different views.

The final 3D model we deliver have the WMC (Watertight Mesh Certification) so you will be sure that what you see is what you will get. If requested, we could send you the model for an extra sum.

Thank you for reviewing our portfolio, we are excited to work with you on your next Project!

--Meetai Team

Briefing Details

- Send your design as an image or idea in writing, along with instructions.
- State the material you wish to print the model on
- Desired height of the character in cm.
- Indicate if you want us to reduce the total weight of the model by introducing holes and/or hollowed parts and where you'd suggest to position these on the model, in order to possibly reduce the total cost of 3d printing.