Interior Design Concept & Photorealistic Renderings

Service Description

Hi, I’m Silviu from Bucharest, I have a degree in architecture & design and a true passion for 3d modeling, rendering & graphic design. Together with a couple of extremely talented people I started a design studio named Northern Kraft.
Here's what we have to offer on Envato platform:
- 3d modeling in 3ds Max from 2d CAD drawings, or from hand drawn sketches
- Following your interior/exterior design concept or creating an interior design concept for your space, depending on your needs
- Scene composition with lights and complex materials to best suit your concept
- We deliver 7 different camera angles including close-ups for a maximum impact.

Briefing Details

Ok, so to get started we need 2d or 3d CAD Drawings of the space, building or hand drawn sketches with optional text description on what do you desire. You can also include similar images of spaces or buildings that resemble what you want to achieve. Thank you !