Provide 8 Hours of After Effects Service. Day Rate.

Service Description

For a full working day (8 hours) I will do anything you want in After Effects. I have used After Effects for 10+ years and I am an expert in it's usage. I currently teach the program at a professional level in the UK's largest Adobe approved Training Center in Central London.

This hourlie represents a discount from my typical day rate as I am always keen to make new working connections.

Agencies, production companies, freelancers with too much work - get in touch! Happy to be managed and provide white label After Effects solutions.

You can see examples of my work both within this hourlie and all over my (reputable) PeoplePerHour profile. Evidence of my esteemed teaching position can be provided upon request.

I can do a LOT in a full working day. We can discuss your needs in advance and I will be able to tell you what can be done and if you have larger needs that exceed 8 hours, I'm happy to accommodate. This hourlie is my way of connecting with customers who need work done in After Effects quickly and well.

The range of things I can do includes, but is not limited to;

+ After Effects Work of All Kinds
+ Motion Graphics, Animated Branding, Bumpers, Idents, Overlays
+ Title Cards, Lower Thirds
+ Limited Explainer Video Creation
+ App Demo
+ 2D Character Animation
+ Stabilization, Colour Correction, Other Cosmetic Fixes

I've worked for years and years and years as both a professional motion graphics artist and a movie industry level VFX artist (type John Andrew Cameron IMDB into Google to verify this) and now you can use my services, too, for this below-industry-standard-rate.

Don't need me for animation or After Effects right now? Bookmark or star this hourlie for later!

I massively encourage you to Contact me before making your purchase so we can have a no obligation chat about your needs. I'm friendly and polite (and hope you are, too!)

My competitive advantages include rapid communication, rapid turnaround, high quality workmanship, years of experience and a realistic ability to appraise the amount of work involved in a project so that you will not be left disappointed in any way.

Let's talk, then, let's animate!

Briefing Details

I strongly advise that you message me first of all to discuss your needs; I can tell you if it can be done in eight hours, and if not, how long it might take. Perhaps a discount may be in order for a smaller job!

I use my pre-sales communication to help pin down what exactly you need and how it can be done in the simplest and best way. The more clearly you we can identify what you need, the better I can serve you.