Provide 8 Hours of After Effects Service. Day Rate.

Service Description

For a full working day (8 hours) I will do anything you want in After Effects. I have used After Effects for 11+ years and I am an expert in its usage.

Agencies, production companies, freelancers with too much work - get in touch! I'm happy to be managed and provide white label After Effects solutions.

I can do a LOT in a full working day. We can discuss your needs in advance and I will be able to tell you what can be done and if you have larger needs that exceed 8 hours, I'm happy to accommodate. This hourlie is my way of connecting with customers who need work done in After Effects quickly and well.

The range of things I can do includes, but is not limited to;

+ After Effects Work of All Kinds
+ Motion Graphics, Animated Branding, Bumpers, Idents, Overlays
+ Title Cards, Lower Thirds
+ Limited Explainer Video Creation
+ App Demos
+ 2D Character Animation
+ Stabilization, Colour Correction, Other Cosmetic Fixes

I've worked for years and years and years as both a professional motion graphics artist and a movie industry level VFX artist (type John Andrew Cameron IMDB into Google to verify this) and now you can use my services, too, for this below-industry-standard-rate.

Don't need me for animation or After Effects right now? Bookmark or star this service for later!

I massively encourage you to contact me before making your purchase so we can have a no-obligation chat about your needs. I'm friendly and polite (and hope you are, too!)

My competitive advantages include rapid communication, rapid turnaround, high-quality workmanship, years of experience and a realistic ability to appraise the amount of work involved in a project so that you will not be left disappointed in any way.

Let's talk, then, let's animate!

Briefing Details

Please message me before ordering to discuss your needs. After discussion, I can tell you exactly what can be done in eight hours. During our initial communication I will work with you to pin down what exactly what you need. The more clearly we can identify your needs, the better I can serve you.