Express After Effects Customization

Service Description

Get your video in two days with our express customization service!!
Sound great. isn't?

If you like or bought a template and you don't have any idea for:
- How to make it for your purpose?
- How to customize an after effects template?
- Or you don't have required plugins and correct adobe version?

That's exactly, why we are here!!

We will save you time and money with our Express service.
You will get an impressive and high-quality video file. :)
Let's share the requirement and get started!!


Briefing Details

Request: Please message me before ordering my service.

I need following things from you. (Things can we optional)
- Afer Effects template
- Detailed description of how you want your final video to be
- Logo, Photos, videos, music files
- Text to be included in the template
- And your other important information, which you want in the video.