Deliver your projects as After Effects Scripts.

Service Description

Have your template converted to After Effects script with thumbnails, search option and your branding information. Make end user fall in love with your design from the first moment he opens it up.

Let the end user choose what he needs from your template, instead of having to import a huge AEP with hundreds of elements when they only need a few. Use thumbnails in a script to quickly pick that particular composition. Search option is built in by default.

Even more - use the prompt power to ask the end user for custom text, file or even property value once they execute the script.

Delivering lower thirds, animation presets, animated titles or similar? Then prompt user to enter custom text right on the go! All font information and color values are preserved. Have a template with animated icons you say? Then have those built in current user composition, or in a fresh one. Add thumbnails into the script so user can clearly see what he's choosing. No more poking around just to find that particular icon. What about slideshows? Sure thing - user can select custom images, video/audio files. All your design and animation will be recreated with new items.

Prompt end user for pretty much anything - text information, property value, color, name, video, audio file - everything is possible.

To spice things even more - add your branding information in the toolkit - have your logo be linked to your webpage or add additional information about other tools you are selling.

You, as a customer, will receive After Effects script (.jsxbin) that can be docked in the interface and is backwards compatible to CS6.

Briefing Details

In order to make it happen I will need:
1. After Effects project in its final state/design for me to get started;
2. Your logo/branding information;
3. Thumbnails for compositions;
4. Want to promp user for custom text/value/file? Will need that info as well.
5. Need something else done with the toolkit? Let me know!

Before you submit to this task, let me check your AE template to see if it can be converted to toolkit. Things to consider:
1. Dont use external files unless you really have to.
2. Have your vectors converted to Shape Layers.
3. Provide downloadable information for custom fonts.
4. Dont use 3rd party plugins, as script will not work for end user if he doesn't have those effects installed.
5. Organise you project items in folders.
6. Avoid using unicode characters in your design.
7. Levels/Curves/Histogram are not accessible via scripting, so try switching to some over effects instead. If you still have to use those - let me know. It's still doable, but requires extra attention.