After Effects Template Customization and Video Rendering Service

Service Description

You found a beautiful template on Videohive, but you don't have the Adobe After Effects software, you're not familiar with it or you simply are in a hurry and don't have the necessary time required to install and learn a new software.
Here's where I come to your help by offering my customization services.

Why should you choose me?
I started working with After Effects and creating after effects templates in May 2011.
I'm a Videohive author with over 7300 happy customers.

What I will do for you?
Depending on the type of template you provide, I will customize it with your photos/videos ,your text, your logo and the audio track.

What will you receive ?
You will receive the final video rendered in a high quality format at your choice MP4 (h264) or MOV (h264).
The final template customized with your photos/videos/text/logo/audio. (if requested)

If there's something you want to discuss before ordering the service, please use the "Contact Me" button. I'll reply fast to your questions.

Briefing Details

You have to provide in a .zip or .rar archive the following:
- the after effects template you want customized
- photos/videos you want to be included
- audio file (if needed)
- text you want included in the template (if needed)
- logo (if needed)
- your font of choice (if needed)
- a detailed .txt file with instructions on the customization (the sequence of the photos/videos, where you want a certain text etc.)