Professional Explanation Video

Service Description

Do have a new product, app or online service you want to explain in a short but effective 90 second video? Great. I can help you with that!

I will produce an animated video describing your service/app/product.

We start off with creating a storyboard you approve, then we choose music (usually bought from audiojungle) and set the tone of the video (humor, serious, business). When approved I do the animation within 10 days.

The production includes:
Professional Voiceover
Sound Design

I can provide a english speaker (male/female) from as low as 30 USD.

Briefing Details

I need a clear explanation of your app / product / service. A real plus is if you already have your 1 minute "elevator pitch" written down like a script. It speeds up the process of creating a storyboard. I want your graphic profile including colors, fonts etc.

It's always a plus if you give reference videos or if you have any specific music you want.