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Hire me to edit AfterEffects Templates

Service Description

Have you found the perfect AfterEffects video template and want it customized by a professional?
Hello! My name is Jason and I deliver insanely fast turnaround times and can tweak any AfterEffects template to perfection.
All you need to do is provide me with the entire *zipped* template file, licensed audio/music (if any), and a detailed description of your desired customization instructions, and I do the rest.
You will receive the final 1080p or 4K rendered video as an h.264 mp4.

*If you have a more complex project in mind (and have a larger budget) that requires deep customization or even a combination of multiple templates, animation and/or voiceover, don't hesitate to click "Contact Me" to describe your project and ask for an estimate and to get on my schedule.

I typically reply within the first 24 hours.

I can't wait to work with you! :)

Briefing Details

Buyer must provide:
1. The full, purchased After Effects template zip folder (use dropbox or google drive to send me a download link for large zip files)
2. *Detailed* description of the desired customization
3. Licensed music (if desired)
4. Any artwork, logos, or images in highest quality format you have.

Once I receive the files, typical turnaround times are 1-2 days.