Professional Short Cartoon - 2D Classic Animation

Service Description

A short Professional Cartoon for your next Advert, Intro, or anything else!

We are a professional In-House production studio since 2006.
Our cartoons are colorful, different and INSANE compare to everything you've already seen, if you are looking for something fresh for your next project, This service is for you!

What you'll get:
1. Original 2D Animated cartoon (Up to 30 seconds).

2. Frame-by-Frame classic 2D Animation style with a professional look just like in T.V. !

3. Up to 2 active Characters.

4. Original Character designs.

5. Background Music & Sound Effects included.

6. Optional Voice over for the characters by Alon Dan (from "Mr Dan Insane" series!).

In the end you will get a complete high quality Video file ready for T.V. & Internet (FULL-HD).

* HIGHLY RECOMEND for INTROs or OUTROS if you have a YouTube channel!

Click on "View Demo" under the thumbnails to watch some of our Animations.

Briefing Details

What do we need from you:
1. General Idea (you don't have to come up with a professional script).

2. Desciption of your idea.

3. Example of what style you are looking for from one of our many videos:

4. In case you have your own Voice Over and Music for the project, send us the files on best quality.