3D Character Animation

Service Description

Service Description
Promote your message with feature quality 3d Character Animation! If you need to revive a character or animal, I can help you.

I provide 3D Character Animation Service using professional animation software and my extensive knowledge to ensure your animations are top quality.

Upon approval you will receive:
- 3840x2160 animation video file
- 1920x1080 animation video file
- 3ds Max/Maya/Cinema 4D animation source files
- After Effects project file

This service is for 10 second long 3d character animation. For longer duration please contact me before ordering this service.

Briefing Details

Briefing Details
Please provide me with the detailed information about your animation; 3d rigged character and props you want to use in your animation in 3ds Max / Maya / Cinema 4D format; any additional assets related to your project.