High Quality 2D / 3D Animation

Service Description

Thank you for stopping by.

I can offer to you or your clients, anything related to 2D/3D design and animation.
Example : arch.visualization, product intro, tv promo, commercials etc...

* For price you can see on the right side, I could deliver about 10sec of full HD animation. Price depends of many factors, but basically from animation length and complexity
* If you don't have 3D model, i could make it for you, but price will be higher, that depends of complexity of model
* If you need more than 15sec of animation and to make 3D model, it can be done as well, but with this elements, price and delivery time would rise
* We could also make 2D. For example you bought item from Videohive and you just need customization, this can be done and we will dramatically reduce price

Either way, send me inquiry and i'll get back you you as soon as possible

Briefing Details

To get started, i have to know what story you have to tell in animation.
Short description is must and some references are welcome too.

Example : I'll need Tv promo, 20 sec length, Full HD with our logo made in 3D revolving around planet.

If you seen some video somewhere over internet and you want to make it same or similar way, please send us a link.
Any other details, such as length of animation, blue prints, scratches or just anything that can help us understand project are most welcome.
Thank you!