Wire frame Design with User Experience Flow

Service Description


Are you having a concept of application and want to put all idea together on paper?

Here I am for you. I can design wire frame out of your given description and other reference application. The design will be handmade like shown in the example without use of computer tools. The same you can use for instructions to the app designer, app developer as well to showcase images on app's website.

I will take the actual end user experience into mind while drawing the wire frame (elements like back, forward, button, menu, pop up, etc.)

Deliverable :
- Scanned Copy of Drawings

Screens to design :
- Max 10 screens withing the said quote

Please contact me with more details.
Happy to discuss more.


Briefing Details

I will require,
- Detailed Description / Storyboard
- Similar concept App Example (if available)