Mobile Application with High Quality Design

Service Description

People expect the technology and software they interact with to be beautifully designed in form and function. It has to work well and look amazing. That’s why we focus on UI and visual design as the core of producing the most beautiful apps in the industry.

Our designs are created with your users in mind, and we pay the utmost attention to human behavior and interactions. We enable your users to interact seamlessly with their devices, and to perform these activities with efficiency and joy.

Now it is your time, to order a design for your mobile application. Please red carefully, before you proceed on that.

​At creativeG, we provide top niche results, on every aspect of design and visual presence. We will design your mobile applicat​
​ion User Interface with the following in mind:

1. User friendly
2. Brand promotion and Engagement
​3. Sales prospective.​

​What we will deliver to you:

1. Max to 10 screens of your application design, in JPEG and.PSD files. Any elements that we will use as Images, Fonts, Icons etc, will be included, with their license if needed.

​2. Splash Screen of your application ( The first screen that appears, when your application load ).

3. Icon Design of your application, in different sizes. That icon will not be simple, just so you will have to buy a new one. We will make it for you in a way, to fit your app design

4. Up to 6​ Screenshots presenting your app functions and design for App Store or Play Store.

​5. Up to ​6 Screenshots, that you will be able to use for your apps marketing ( live experience screenshots ).​

​While we will start working on your application, you will get access on our beautiful backend, where we post information on the progress, screenshots of the app and more useful information for you​, on how to promote your app etc, so you can start doing some marketing, while we finish your app.

We work on NDA condition if needed, and we can have it signed that for you. We do not mind if we do not showcase the application, but it is an honor for us, to market our work out there and help our clients get more attention to their product.

If you need more information regarding that service, please feel free to contact us at any time, we will be more than happy to assist you.​

Briefing Details

In order to proceed with the development of the application, ​
​and to deliver the results in time, we will need the following informations

1. Name and brief of the application
2. Logo of the application
​​3. Color Scheme ( You can use a tool like: )
4. Device or OS we will design for
5. Existing App Name or Designs and Wireframes / Sketchs of the app, if any.
6. Any images you need to include at the design
7. Application examples that you like ( functionality, colors etc )​
​If you still think you need to include something that we miss, or any informations that it would be cool for us to provide you, we will be more than happy to help you out.​