Mobile Game Design

Service Description

* Case studies and availability notes below


Game designs should be unique, colorful and alive - this way, people will be able to connect to the game's ideas and goals and enjoy them without having their time wasted and can have a sense of enjoyment.

All objects will be illustrated in Adobe Illustrator. This is to ensure the quality of the assets remain intact without having the files get too heavy for your game's needs.

For this particular project, I will be illustrating 1 scene for your game. Please note that we need to make a custom order for every multiple-scened game which can include the following:

1. Character designs
2. Level Designs
3. UI assets

Custom game projects depends on the quality and complexity of the design direction. Please send me enquiries for this matter.

I have worked on various projects for Sony Pictures Animations, Tetris, Fisher and Price, Warner Brothers, American Greetings, Norton and many other companies across the globe, so I guarantee that I will be doing the best that I could in delivering world class outputs for you and your team.

Buyers of this service will get the following:
1. AI or EPS files
2. High quality JPG/PNG files
3. My everlasting and warm appreciation and smile :)
4. Note that if you need other things for this project, do not hesitate to let me know in advance.

I look forward to working with you.


Service Provider's notes:

I am always available from Mondays through Fridays and can work for a few hours every Saturdays. Saturday and Sunday afternoons are for my me-time and family time. Just a short information about my availability so you will be guided. Thank you!

To view some of my case studies, you can check out my Behance portfolio here:

Briefing Details

In order for me to start this project, I will be needing the following things:

1. Preferred file dimensions (is this for mobile or tablet?)
2. Your target audience
3. Desired color scheme
4. Color limitations and color modes
5. Preferred style/basic idea/sketches or anything that will help me understand your idea more