UI/UX MVP App Creation - validate your app idea

Service Description

As the evolution of technology is expanding continuously, the mobile and slim devices are starting to replace the big and bulkier ones, mobile traffic on websites and apps are taking over their competitor, the standard computer or laptop. With this happening, I make sure to have a really strong knowledge on the user experience a person can get from a mobile interface. If you are looking for an iOS app design that has the best possible user experience and a really high-end visual aspect make sure to contact me for a project :).

- Top-notch iOS UI design for your app for all Apple mobile devices. (Tablets and iPods included)
- High-quality assets in PNG and SVG format.
- Up to 5 professional and clean screens for your app that respects app regulations.
- High Definition mockups to use for a plausible presentation
- An expertise in communication
- Friendliness

***IF NEEDED: I offer user experience modifications, making the app easier to navigate through for the user.


Briefing Details

If you are interested in hiring me please prepare a small brief with the following details:

- App name.
- A logo that you want to use for your application's identity
- The number of screens you wish to be created.
- Some app examples that you like. (links/screenshots) [including the reason you like them would really come in handy)
- A sketch made by you so I can also see visually what you have in your mind.
- A prepared wireframe (if you do have one)
- The category in which your app is located (eg. corporate, fun, technology, social, food etc).
- Existing website to use as a reference. (Optional).
- Style/theme/color preference. (eg. Cartoony/Animals/Blue)
- Inspiration. (optional)
*No adult app please*