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Minimalist iOS App UI Design

Service Description

(The following should be read with the famous movie trailer voice:)

”From the creator of the most recommended App Icon Design service:”

”Minimalist iOS App Icon Design”

”Comes a new service ready to blow your mind:”

”Minimalist iOS App UI Design”

(From here on, you can use your regular voice:)

I praise the minimalist part of design and I think that mobile apps should benefit the most out of it.

Working with me will mean that you'll get constant updates about the project, fast turnarounds and fun (for I am known to be a funny guy)

The price is for 5 screens. But since every app it's unique, it's most likely that there will be some custom jobs.

Briefing Details

In order to get a head start, it would help to know:

- Everything there is to know about your app
- If you have a flowchart figured out
- Anything else there is to know.



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