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Puzzle Game iPhone App Development

Service Description

This is the ideal package for any individual or business looking to develop a unique iPhone puzzle game.

What's included:

✓ Full app development (coding)
✓ Game menu
✓ Gameplay
✓ Settings page

Plus any of the following:

✓ Level selector (if required)
✓ Leaderboards with Game Center integration (if required)
✓ Achievements with Game Center integration (if required)
✓ In app purchases (if required)
✓ Adverts via AdMob or iAd (if required)
✓ Score sharing on social networking websites (if required)

Also includes:

✓ Testing on iPhone 4s/5/5s/6/6 Plus
✓ Full compatibility with iOS7 and iOS8
✓ App submission to the Apple App Store (times vary)

What's not included (can be provided as an additional service):

✓ Graphic design
✓ Game music/sounds (if any)

Briefing Details

You must include the following:

✓ Full description of the puzzle game and exactly how you want it to work
✓ Any graphics for the game
✓ Any game music/sounds (if required)