Chat Bot Development for Discord and Slack

Service Description

The bot can be deployed on of the following channels
Chat services such as Slack are becoming the predominate way we stay in touch with our team. Due to this recent development a lot of new challenges and opportunities have arisen.

A chatbot can support you and your team encountering these challenges, increase the productivity and make your everyday life in the chat rooms a little bit easier, with tools such as:

- Automate repetitive and recurring tasks
- Get insights into your team's chat behavior
- Connect your chat room with your help desk
- Moderate and secure public channels
- Integrate digital gadgets that increase engagement in your channels

What you will get:

After a detailed briefing, we will develop the software based on your company's requirements. We value your feedback highly, so you will be given access to the status of development at any time and so your opinion will be an important part during the development process.

The bot can be deployed for the following channels: Slack, Discord, IRC, or Twitch.

Briefing Details

- What problems are you seeking to solve with this bot?
- On which service will the bot run (Slack, Discord, Twitch, IRC)?
- Will the bot communicate with a third-party software such as a help desk (if yes, please provide details about this software, incl. name and version)?