iOS App Icon Design and Slicing

Service Description

If you're looking for a fresh and professional app icon for your iOS app, look no further. I can design a fully compatible icon for all resolutions and screens that catches the eyes of your viewer. Icons that stand out from the rest and represent their use with simplicity generate more clicks than ones that don't.

Whether it's for a business app or a game, I can deliver an appropriately representative icon that will stand the test of time and 'pop' among cluttered home screens.

As a client, you can be assured that I will work cooperatively with you to deliver an icon that suits your needs and expectations. I also have a lifetime agreement with all clients that they may bring their business back at ANY time for revisions or further work that will fit seamlessly with the existing brand imagery I had previously created.

I can deliver a fully custom designed icon, fully sliced and labeled for your uses, period. Look no further; Let's talk and get it done!

Briefing Details

Here's what I'll need to know before getting started:

1. What app is the icon for? What does this app do? What is its name?
2. Are there any specific color schemes I should abide by?
3. Are there any existing logos or type styles I should include/use?
4. Is there any positive or negative inspiration I should keep in mind?
5. Any other specific guidelines?



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