Voice Post-production / Editing / Cleanup / Fixing

Service Description


The service is for up to 750 words of voice audio editing.

If your voice recording is noisy, unclean and needs some editing, then I am happy to help!

I can eliminate clicks, pops, thuds, breaths, whistling S's and any other unwanted noises and sounds. If you need your audio to be trimmed or sound louder, not a problem.

I am a professional sound engineer with years of experience. I worked on many voice post-production projects for worldwide known companies.

The audio examples provided here are showing 3 stages:
RAW - the way audio was at the very beginning
UNEDITED - the way audio sounds after the processing before any editing.
EDITED - final audio after editing.


Briefing Details

Provide detailed description of the service you need.

I can accept any standard audio recording formats.

If possible, please attach audio files you need me to work on, it will help me assess what can be achieved (the end result highly depends on a source audio quality).