Professional Business Proposal or Brochure Design

Service Description

Hello, my name is Shafura, print and presentation designer. My main focus is to design any editorial related project such as brochure, magazine, books and presentations.

My experience for 8 years in this field, has made me experts at designing smart and beautiful communications. My mission is to provide maximum results through the combination of visual communication and aesthetic aspects.

You get:
Maximum 15 pages including cover any size

Briefing Details

I need:
- Your logo
- Your text with detailed description of each page with what text, headings,
- Images need to be placed in each individual page
- Project brief (information related to any visual aspects such as color, typography, etc.)
- Paper size information
- Final file format information, .psd, .ai, .indd, or Microsoft Word format, but you can request specific format
- Font name (if you prefer one)

Best regards,