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Block Bad Bots and Scrappers from Accessing Your Site

Service Description

A bad bot is a piece of software which crawls your site with selfish intent.
This could be:
A scraper, looking for content to steal,
A harvester, looking for an email address to spam, or
A comment spammer, looking for a blog to post spammy comments.

Save your site's bandwidth and resource usage.

Bad bots typically ignore the wishes of your robots.txt file, then we need block them.

I will install an ultimate WordPress Plugin to block more than 1100 bad bots.

I'm freelancer and web developer with 14 years experience using php/mysql/linux and web designer.

I live in Roma and I can speak English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Briefing Details


I need your WordPress User / Password

Please note the turn-around excludes weekends and starts when we have received all of the relevant information.



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