Fix Any JavaScript, jQuery, HTML & CSS Bugs and Errors on Your Webpage

Service Description

If you have troubles with your website CSS, HTML, JavaScript or jQuery code, this service is right for you.

I can fix HTML, CSS, Javascript or jQuery error on your web site. It could be misaligned content, wrong positioned elements like display problems, cross browser adaptation, validation or behind the scenes bug or error.

I offer professional attitude, clean, high quality coding and timely completion of the job.

This service includes one HTML or CSS or Javascript or jQuery fix.

I can fix:
- HTML bugs/errors
- CSS bugs/errors
- JavaScript / jQuery bugs/errors
- W3C Validation problems

Briefing Details

Please provide following information:

- URL of a website page, where the error occur or the code (in zip).
- Any login details necessary to access the source code
- Screenshot or detail explanation when the error happen and how it should work.
- Name of the browsers where the error occurs
- List of web browser name and version where the JavaScript or CSS should works.

Provide as many details as possible to help speeding up the fix process.

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