PHP Fix, WordPress Fix, HTML or CSS Fix Service

Service Description

If your website just isn't working right or if you added something new to your website and it's not right and you are frustrated trying to fix it, then this service is what you need.

Service includes one of the following;
- PHP Fix
- WordPress Fix
- WordPress Plugin Fix
- WordPress Theme Fix
- WordPress Setup Fix
- WordPress Install Fix
- HTML Fix
- CSS Fix

Very fast and affordable service, based on how complex the problem / issue is and availability of information. Kindly provide and describe as much information as you can.

Briefing Details

We would require to be provided one of the following information:
- URL website page, where the error occur.
- Screenshot or detail explanation when the error happen.
- Screenshot or detail explanation how it should work.
- In which web browser name and version the error occur.
- Access information to the source codes need to fix.