Javascript Fixes, Add Feature To Existing Website

Service Description

If your website has bugs then this is the service you need.

This service includes php fixes, mySQL fixes, css fixes, html fixes or javascript/jquery fixes. You can also order this service to add new feature to existing website.

The fixes can be very fast, based on the complexity and available information.

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Please note, any details that are not specifically mentioned in the initial brief (for example hidden layers in PSD) will be excluded from project scope and will be considered as separate project after initial project is completed. Any new instructions given after the project has been started will be considered as separate/additional follow up project. After we deliver the final result, if there are changes done not by our team yet causing error or bug, additional charge may apply to fix it. By ordering our service, you have agreed to above terms and conditions.


Briefing Details

Please provide following information:
- URL website page, where the error occur.
- Screenshot or detail explanation when the error happen.
- Screenshot or detail explanation how it should work.
- In which web browser name and version the error occur.
- List of web browser name and version where the JavaScript should work.
- Access information to the source codes need to fix.

Kindly provide the necessary details as much as possible to help speeding up the development process.

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