Creative and Unique Business Cards

Service Description

Whenever you need a uniquely and creatively designed business card to expand your business network, you can work with me!

I'm experienced in designing branding identity for several companies and that includes the business card design component.

Business card design is one of the essential components in your branding identity, so you should work with the right designer to develop your design concept, and that's why I provide this service! :)

- Read my briefing details and contact for inquiry before you hire me to avoid cancellation or job dispute!
- Design is a process, I appreciate if you are a client who doesn't mind to open discussion and I won't mind for any number of revisions.
- I ​WILL NOT ACCEPT your order if you're not being clear of what you want in the first place. ​​In this case: business card description requirments and references.
- Clear description for business card (frontside and backside) is part of the briefing! I only design business card based on your detailed request.
​- I am not responsible nor obligated to suggest you what kind of business card to design unless you ask me and the conversation will be recorded in the job event. for any possible dispute risk.
​- I only accept design style references with clear description or visual example. The understanding of how the business card may look based on the references could be subjective, therefore open discussion is needed and I don't mind to revise. ​
- ​If you want cancellation, the business card design should not be used for further development by other designer and I will ask at least a third of the total payment if I submitted any draft design.


Briefing Details

1) Provide your Logo file or your business brand. If you don't have one check my logo design service.
2) Contact information details(name, phone, email. Business address or website if any)
3) Horizontal or vertical style?
4) Single or double sided card?
5) Anything else that I should know, such as design style, card dimension, color preferences, deliverable file format etc.