Business Card Redesign

Service Description

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in our service.I will design you a professional business card that will be 100% print. You can chose a style from my portfolio or I'll create a new creative design for you .

Need your logo in AI(EPS)or PDS. format.

Logo - If you do not have yet you may like to check my Extra Logo design service

Thank your for your interest at my designs, If you're looking an artistic business cards my service is perfect for you :)


Briefing Details

1. Short description of what You need, including color preferences .
2. If Any notes you have regarding color, font, etc. preferences
3. Images or other graphics that You want to include (if any). Like any specific style. Vertical? horizontal?
4. Logo - If you do not have yet you may like to check my Logo design service.

Important information you'll need to include:

- Company Name*
- Link to company logo in vector format
- Name + surname
- Slogan, catchphrase, etc.*
- Formal title (e.g. Director, Manager)
- Phone number(s*)
- Email address
- Website address
- Physical address*
- Card size (Standard 3.5"*2", or custom size)
- Colour scheme ideas (If any)
- A small description about you and what you do.
- Anything else you feel I need to know in order to make your business card AWESOME! :)



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