Exclusive Business Card Design

Service Description

Hi there!

We are Lucas Alexander and we craft millions of beautiful pixels everyday by mouse.

What we're offering here is an exclusive business card design, made to suit your needs.

Your final product will be delivered as a .PDF file, all set up and ready to be printed. We'll also include an illustration of how the print outcome is expected to be, like the ones you see on our business card templates.

When you're ready to get started, just click the "Order Service" button and prepare your brief, We've listed some important information We'll need from you, in the briefing guidelines below.

We're looking very much forward to providing your with a unique and satisfying service.
Should you have any questions regarding this service, you're more than welcome to contact us.

Feel free to visit our website for more information about us, and to see more of our work.

All the best!
- Lucas Alexander Visual Arts

Briefing Details

Please prepare your brief, we've listed some important information we'll need from you, below.

- Company Name*
- Link to/upload company logo* (Must be in vector)
- Name
- Slogan, catchphrase, etc.*
- Formal title (e.g. Executive Director, Manager, Awesome)
- Phone number(s*)
- Email address
- Website address
- Physical address*
- Card size (Standard 3.5"*2", 84mm*55mm for Moo.com, or custom size)
- Square or rounded corners
- Color preferences (If any)
- A short description of you and what you do.
- Any specific requirements or wishes about the card and it's style. (If any)
- All the important stuff you know I forgot to ask you. (Hopefully not too much)

* Only include these if your wish them to appear on card.
All info must be formatted the way you wish it to appear on your card.