Service Description

I will create a BLACK AND WHITE storyboard for your advert short film or animation .I will draw details such as expressions on faces, props, camera angles and environments. I will draw a maximum of 15 panels OR frames.PLEASE REFER TO MY EXAMPLES FOR CLARITY ON WHAT PANELS ARE.

The final file can be delivered as an A4 or A3 page at 300dpi. It will be scalable[meaning it can be made bigger or smaller easily by you the user through any ordinary image editing program].

I offer jpg, jpeg, PDF, and psd each panel [i.e each box with a drawing that constitutes the story board] can be customized to any specific dimension that you request in your instructions. It will always be delivered as one file containing 15 panels as seen in my example images

Briefing Details

I will need a descriptive write up of what exactly should appear in each of the 15 frames that i should draw. If a screen-play or script exists, that will certainly be of use to me . Please also add images of settings or actors if they are available.

example format:

Panel 1: (exterior shot) WIDE ,man and woman standing on a hill

Panel 2 : (interior shot)medium. man and woman sit at a kitchen table having tea.

Panel 3: (extreme close up) man's eyes with tears streaming down his cheeks