Service Description

I can create a digitally painted caricature from your photo.

The caricature will be a full body drawing in dynamic pose and may be with some accessories as per your choice for a single character only.

Deliverable is high resolutions (1000px X 2000px) png with transparent background and jpeg with same resoluton. so that you can use this for web or print.

For more custom requests please feel free to send your proposal to me.

Please check for my samples to get to know about my style. Order now, and i will make you smile - guaranteed!

PLEASE NOTE : Tho this service is for a full body caricature, you can also ask for a separate headshot from it to use as social media avatar.


Briefing Details

1. Send me your photo

preferable at least 800px so that I get to know the features. If you wish you can send me multiple photos so that have a better understanding.

2. Tell me how wud you like your caricature to be

mention facial features, exaggeration, pose you prefer, accessory to include etc. If you want want your caricature to hold something special, you can also send reference images.

3. Let me sketch you

I will send you the basic full body sketch so that you will have a look how it is going to be.

4. Suggestion and revision

you will make suggestions on the sketch and based on your input I will send you another sketch.

5. Final painting

When everything is settled, I will start painting and the final caricature will be delivered in next round.