Pixel Art Character Design for Game Graphic Assets

Service Description

It's PIXEL ART character design for Game Graphic Assets.

1 character. 1 spritesheet contain up to 5 Rows nad 4-6 Columns (frames).

You decide what character you want and how it needs to be animated. This service does not include background nor button/GUI.

but don't worry, you can negotiate about the job desc and the price with me. So, we can get things done, good for you and good for me too.
just hit the "propose custom job".


Briefing Details

tell me:
- what the game is about(side scrolling,puzzle,shooting, etc)
- what character and animation you need (including what perspective you want the character to be, like seen from above, walking to right, etc)
- what color scheme or style you want (if you have specific preference)