Service Description

I will create an original character/mascot illustration for you. I will provide sketches first to make sure you will get the perfect mascot you need. Revisions are welcome before having them colored and illustrated.

I need details of how you want the mascot to look like and what theme or color do you prefer.
you will have 2 initial pose for this service - which is your decision to make.


Briefing Details

Description of the organization and its target audience

- please give as much detail as you get about your organization, and your target audiences, including ages, social class, their jobs, anything.

- what industry does your mascot into ?

Sample logos
- this is just to give me references, of sample that you like..besides my current portfolios.

Values to communicate
- what do you expect from the mascot ? what is the first impression that you need to evoke when peoples sees the mascot ?

Color preferences
- you could give me your websites color, or your current logo color swatch. the mascot need to blend with them.

To be used on
- in what media the mascot will be put on? does it need to be printed? or just for online adv?

- any additional info that you need to add.

Files attached
- wrap up of any sample files you like to include.