Service Description

We create 2D game character sprite sheet for games (for example: a character running, getting shot,in idle position, punching, jumping, shooting, kicking, grabbing bonus, opening door, flying, etc). Please see the service preview.

For the price offered, you can ask for maximum of 5 actions mentioned above. If you need more actions, more characters, or even ask for game background or game UI, or even the whole graphics for a game ready to be coding, please send proposals for custom job.

The preview shown here is the sample quality I can provide.

Briefing Details

Let me know:
- what the game is about and what kind it is(side scrolling,puzzle,shhoting, etc)
- what character and animation you need (including what perspective you want the character to be, like seen from above, walking to right, etc)
- what color scheme or style you want (if you have specific preference or sample style, please send along)



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