Service Description

You will receive a fun and silly, stylized portrait of the person(s) (or pet) of your choosing.

All that's needed is a good photo and a description of the person's (or pet's) personality is also useful.

I offer sizes up to 16"x20" at 300 DPI.

Normally when I draw people, I'm outside and drawing with a marker (no pencil or eraser). My customer doesn't get to see the drawing until the end, but since we're collaborating digitally, I'm willing to send you two to four sketches if you desire. Some people prefer not to see the product until it's finished.


Briefing Details

I'll need the best photo of the person(s) (or pet) you can find. A couple different angles work well too. If they have a different hair cut now than when the picture was taken, I'll need a photo of that too.

Do you want this person smiling? Do they normally wear glasses? Are they goofy or serious?

If you are wanting a full body drawn, what are the person’s interests? What do they like to do? Your imagination is the limit, but only one “thing” per person.

If you'd like full body, color, shading, or a second or third person please see the extras selection area below.

In the end you will receive a full resolution digital file of your drawing, suitable for printing.

Feel free to message me. I enjoy getting to know my customers.