Editorial Cartoon for Blog or Other Media

Service Description

Would you like a cartoon for a political comment or satire? Maybe something that addressed any other issue - from politics to sports, entertainment or something else - in a visual and entertaining way?

You can get a unique, personalized editorial cartoon for your blog, website or magazine, in high quality and full colors.

The cartoon will be sent to you in high quality JPEG, in the proportions you need (Is it a square? A rectangle? You choose). You can either describe exactly what you want in the drawing, or we can come up with an idea together related to the topic you want.

Briefing Details

Please send me the topic or theme you want to address in the editorial cartoon, as well as if you already have any closed idea of what you need, or would like suggestions. Also, this service has 3 revisions, so feel free to suggest changes or adaptations to the work!


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