Cartoon/Caricature-Styled Character Design

Service Description

This service provides you with a full color cartoon-styled character of your imagining. I'll be working with you every step of the way, from a host of sketches to getting colors just right.

The character will be a high quality bitmap image to your specified dimensions. Such characters are great for website/blog mascots, avatars, advertising, branding, and much more.

What you can expect from this service:
-One (1) full color bitmap (.png) cartoon-style character in one (1) pose. Other bitmap file types delivered if specified.
-Character file delivered in dimensions specified.
-Simple, clean, and straight-forward design.
-Character on a transparent background.
-Full-body design.
-Design includes simple miscellaneous items related to the character (if any).
Examples: pencil and calculator for math whiz, weights for gym go-er, bowl of batter with whisk for chef, etc.
-You retain all rights to the character.

An Overview Of My Process:
-I'll first analyze your requirements and proceed with sketching different options for your character,
checking in with you as often as possible to review the various aspects of the design. This is so I can get an accurate picture of what you have in mind.

-When we agree on a sketch/idea, I'll proceed to digitally ink your character.

-After the inking, I'll verify a lighting scheme and color palette with you.

-I'll then digitally color your character then deliver a bitmap file in the format of your choosing.

If you are uncertain as to whether this service covers all of your needs, simply send me an enquiry and we'll work something out.

I hope that this has been a help as to what you can expect. I look forward to turning the character running around in your imagination into a visual reality!

Briefing Details

In order to get started and provide you with the best and most accurate character based on your ideas, I'll need just a few things from you.

-The purpose of the character whether for web, print, business, etc. These help with the design direction.

-Any photo reference (or links to photo reference) that represent in some way(s) what you want. (Of course, these references will not be flat-out copied.) Things that may influence reference selection include: pose, clothing, emotion, etc.

-A fairly detailed written description of what you want along with the photo reference would be critical to getting started.
Don't feel pressured to write absolutely everything, though. We can work out finer details later.
Examples of some things to include are:
*type of character (human, animal)
*general build (thin, stocky, pudgy, tall, short, etc.)
*pose (sitting, standing, leaning, "half-turned to us", etc.)
*actions (flipping coin, reading, writing, giving "thumbs up", etc.)
*details of character's appearance (bushy beard, thick eyebrows, "looks sort of like particular celebrity", etc.)
*mood/theme of overall design

-Anything else you feel you'd like me to know.