Responsive Website development with CMS Integration

Service Description

I provide custom designed websites and blogs with Hugo static site or Gatsby. Both are fast and SEO friendly static generators. The website can be deployed for free on platform like Netlify ( or Firebase ( and you can update any content of the website by yourself. Since it is a static website, there will not be any server maintenance.

This is great for business websites especially for coffee shops, restaurants and agencies

My basic bundle contains following services
1. Mobile ready design of 5 unique pages including blog
2. Converting responsive design to HTML/CSS and JS
3. Integrating Hugo or Gatsby SSG

Adding Netlify CMS is an optional extra service


Briefing Details

We can avoid confusions if you can provide following things in the beginning itself

1. Number of pages required including whether you need a blog page or not.
2. Few websites you want to show me. so that I can understand your requirement easily
3. Any external services you would like to integrate
4. Finally all the content and text you want to include. At least once design is ready.