Service Description

Are you a TYPO3 site owner?

Still using backdated TYPO3 version with security risk and without new exciting features? Transfer your old TYPO3 site to a new version with our rich services. Our TYPO3 Upgrade service we will follow below steps to do TYPO3 upgrade:

- Backup all Files and Database
- Start upgrading TYPO3 core LTS to LTS
- Do fixing or migration of TYPO3 core content element
- Start upgrading custom extension
- Do fixing or migration of TYPO3 custom extension
- Start A/B testing

Please don't hesitate to contact us for your specific requirements or queries, Thank you!


Briefing Details

Before we start, We will need the following information and materials form you:
1. Which TYPO3 version do you want to upgrade? eg., 4.x to 6.x to 7.x to 8.x to 9.x
2. TYPO3 backend access of your site
3. Access of FTP