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Tumblr Theme Tweaking 2 days with 2 revisions

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Tumblr Theme Tweaking by PHILSE - 44251

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Very quick turnaround, great job, just what i was after, thanks
mobydesignhas ordered 1 jobs


Offering professional customizations of any Tumblr theme:

Example Tumblr Theme Tweaks:

- Flickr Feed
- Instagram Feed
- Dribbble Feed
- Twitter Feed
- Disqus Comments
- Facebook Comments
- Photo Lightbox
- Change position of an element?
- Addition of custom post type not originally supported
- Cross Browser Compatibility Fix
- Social Links Integration
- Addition of reblog / like buttons
- Share button integration
- Other Aesthetical Alterations
- Examples: Post width, background color, font/typography

Note: One Tweak per purchase of service.
Services offered for every Tumblr theme.

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Briefing Details

- Name of theme you'd like tweaked.
- URL of your Tumblr blog
- Tumblr login username and password. If you would rather not supply your username and password, you are free to copy the theme code into a text file and provide that instead.
- Detailed explanation of the tweak you'd like:


I'd like a twitter feed added to my theme.


I'd like you to add a twitter feed which displays my 3 most recent tweets and I'd like it to appear directly under my title but before my posts/content.

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    Tumblr Theme Tweaking by PHILSE - 44252
    Tumblr Theme Tweaking by PHILSE - 44253


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