Service Description

You can have the best technology in the world, and even the best product, but to make your work resonate and matter to your audience, you need a storyteller somewhere in the mix.

Even the most gifted and passionate innovators are often too close to their work to take an impartial look at their unique challenges, distinct advantages, and the ever-changing landscape of their target market. Without outside advisement and insight, board rooms and headquarters become insular echo chambers where hidden problems persist, latent opportunities remain undiscovered and big, permanent decisions are made with total indifference to market realities. With your investment, efforts, and aspirations in the balance, you'll need an outside perspective to solve those problems, seize those opportunities, and make the right decisions.

But, most creative agencies race through a slapdash assembly line in which each client goes through the same outmoded, one-size-fits-all "vanilla" process regardless of product, industry or unique circumstances. We reject this perfunctory approach and instead craft unique branding strategies and incisive ideas tailored for each individual client and their respective goals.

Our brand articulation process involves competitive analysis and rigorous market research. Out of that crucible comes unique positioning and product strategies in the form of distinctive, succinct, memorable, and measurably compelling brand messaging. We will help you stand apart, launch if you're new to the market, rebrand if you're breathing life back into your organization, and ultimately find firm footing in the market or industry of your choosing.

Specific deliverables include:

1.) 5+ thoughtful brand identifiers that illustrate the appeal, value, and power of your product

2.) 3+ brand slogans that make a memorable impression and distinguish your value proposition from that of your competitors and peers

3.) 2+ mission statements (boilerplates) that condense the purpose of your product or organization into a succinct, highly-refined, comprehensive one-paragraph summary

4.) 1 brand position brief that articulates your unique benefits and value proposition within the context of your competition.

5.) 2+ elevator pitches to be used as conversational starting points with peers, colleagues, investors, and potential partners

6.) 2+ demographic profiles that identify your target users/consumers in specific detail, including a breakdown of attributes such as gender, age, education level, technological affinity, and affluence.

The comprehensive brand articulation you receive can serve as the basis for branding guidelines, business plans, public relations strategy, fundraising efforts, the identification of competitive marketing advantages, and other critical components of a successful endeavor.


Briefing Details

True North has supported successful client enterprises across a wide variety of industries, including hospitality, advertising, customer experience, technology, and multimedia. You are purchasing a share of the time and expert attention of executives with as many as 30 years of experience in their respective industries.

The more information you provide, the better your resulting brand articulation will be. Websites, business plans, pitch documents, presentations, and notes can all contribute to a refined end product. To preserve your unique intellectual property and competitive advantages, all submitted documentation will be kept confidential, and we will never share any part of the resulting brand articulation and positioning strategies with anyone other than you the client under any circumstances.