Professional Advertising Copywriting

Service Description

We will create a themed campaign consisting of three 30-second advertising scripts for TV or the web, based on information you give us (see briefing below for details). View examples of our work by clicking the "view demo" link on this page.

Why hire us? Our clients think we come up with some funny concepts and creative, effective ideas that get their businesses noticed. Hear it directly from them below:

"We needed a company with the creativity to come up with new and exciting ideas for our TV and web marketing efforts. Promo Sapien does it all, and does it better than anyone."

-Trevor Will, Titus-Will Automotive Group

"In my 26 years in the television business, Promo Sapien has displayed the most all around talent of any company I’ve worked with."

-Mike Harney, Alternative Plan, Inc.

"When it comes to writing and production for TV, radio and web marketing, Promo Sapien makes me look good to my clients on every project, every time."

-Dale Cohen, Cohen Design & Marketing

Promo Sapien takes our basic concepts and elevates them to the next level of creativity and innovation.

-Julie Herbison, Bastyr University

Briefing Details

Please provide us with a description of your business, the customers you are trying to reach, some information about your industry, your primary competition, a ballpark idea of your production budget, and the results you would like to achieve with your advertising.

Using this information, we will write a three spot campaign for your business (three 30 second scripts).

We are supplying copywriting and creative notes. This does not include production services (shooting, editing, motion graphics, etc.).