Fundraising Appeal Letters to Grab Attention and Get Results

Service Description

Its Annual Appeal time! Do you dread the thought? The "get creative and ask for money" period when your nonprofit organization, already overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks, has to put on the brakes to write an annual appeal or fundraising letter is rarely enjoyable.

One of my clients saw an increase of six times its regular donations from a single fundraising letter that I wrote.

If you'd prefer to hand this taxing job off to a professional, please get in touch. I have been working with nonprofit organizations for the past 17 years, and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to bring to this challenging task.

Letters are generally one page in length. Longer letters will be quoted separately, please inquire.

Briefing Details

Ready to learn more? In order for me to give you an accurate quote and free up time in my schedule to accommodate your project, please provide me with the following:

1) Name and contact of key person who will be my contact in your organization.
2) Information and/or samples of previous annual appeal or fundraising letters--please include what worked/didn't work for you/your organization.
3) Your demographic: who is the appeal targeted toward?
4) Lastly, I will need quotes from "satisfied clients," in whatever form possible. Letting recipients of the donor letter know WHY they should give is key.