Envato Market Product Optimisation

Service Description

Unlock the full potential of your hard work by working with me to create a compelling story for your item.

Is your page full of fancy graphics, but missing the right Search Engine Optimised (SEO) Title?

Is your opening paragraph powerful and filled with the right Keywords to get customers attention to click through?

Have you got your Item Page copy written, but feel like it's missing depth?

Still not sure if you have optimised the layout?

Do you value how important all of the above is, for Google Search Results?

Let me help with a complete Item Page review and detailed recommendations and suggestions to help you stand out from the crowd, and improve your Google Search results.

Once you have ordered my service you will be able to use everything I have shown you to apply the same principles to your other items - are you ready to challenge what you know?

What I will provide:

A thorough review of your item page, including grammar, punctuation and spell check.

Layout review and suggestions for SEO benefits.

Suggested SEO title changes for improved Google Search results.

SEO opening paragraph for improved Google Search results.

Two paragraphs (between 300 - 500 words) of fresh copy filled with appropriate Keywords that can be used to further explain your item’s best features in Marketing, Landing Pages, Email marketing or simply on page.

Tag recommendations - really important for Search both on Envato Market and Google/Bing SERPs.

Please note, SEO is not a 'quick fix', it requires testing, measuring, analysing, updating and tweaking over time to see your results improve.

This service will get you started with all of the above tips, suggestions and optimised copywriting to help you improve over time.

I focus on creating a narrative - a compelling story - that explains why your item is the best option for your customers.

What this service is for: Any existing item on Envato Market that needs on page optimisation for Search.

What isn’t included: Graphic design assets. This is important: I am not a designer, I do not make professional graphics, but I can help correct poor grammar in existing images.

This also is NOT a long-form copy service. Please be aware that I do relevant Keyword Planning appropriate to your item, but note that this is not a 1,000 word SEO copywriting service.

Choosing Extras:
Social Media Marketing - select this extra and I will share your item organically within my network of highly engaged users on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Pinterest & LinkedIn. This will usually gain you a link clicks and page visits & hopefully sales! It's also four permanent, valid back-links.

Promoted Tweets - select this extra to put a paid budget towards a carefully crafted, highly targeted Twitter Ad campaign. This will definitely earn you link clicks and thousands of page impressions. Typically with this small budget you can expect between 1 - 5k Impressions.


Briefing Details

To get the most out of it you show me what you've got:

- say hi! Tell me your name :)
- link to your item
- your unique value proposition (who is it for, what makes it special)
- installation documentation so I don't miss any important features
- indicate if your item is supported

No passwords or access to personal information required.